Arithmatic For Parents

Arithmatic For Parents

Learning math comes easily to some children and harder to others. When your child picks up on math concepts quickly and with little effort, it makes homework time a lot simpler. You may have to help explain the assignment instructions from time to time, but it’s not an everyday struggle. If your child is regularly challenged by basic mathematical concepts, homework time can be frustrating—for both of you.

Sometimes it helps to think outside of the box when teaching your child basic math skills. Using visual references like pencils or M&Ms is one way of demonstrating basic ideas, like addition, subtraction and even light multiplication and division. But what if that doesn’t work?

Before you throw in the towel, look into other resources that might help you help your child. You can check online, ask his teacher for ideas or consult a book on the very subject of teaching your child math.

One such book is Ron Aharoni’s guide, Arithmetic for Parents: A Book for Grownups about Children’s Mathematics. This book isn’t a basic how-to type of manual. You can get that in any number of textbooks, and chances are, the offered techniques have already proven unhelpful.

Arithmetic for Parents burrows deeper into math and why a child may be having trouble understanding the given concepts. Aharoni offers multiple approaches and perspectives on basic concepts and breaks them down so you can better help your child understand what he’s supposed to be learning. It’s a fascinating and helpful guide for parents and even teachers who are teaching grade school age children basic math concepts.