The Art of Physics

The Art of Physics

Many people think of physics as a purely mathematical science where they deal with the forces of the universe using equations and for the most part they are right. Physicists use math in everything that they do, but they can use math to create real world beauty.

One of the most expressive uses of math for art is in the fractal. There are seemingly random shapes creating using mathematical equations. The shapes can change by a small change in one of many variables.

The universe is made up of many beautiful sights from quasars to stars, but they would never have been seen were it not for the creations of physicists. In many ways, mathematics and physics are art forms no different from sculpting and painting. Most great scientists and mathematicians are naturals and have a way of looking at the world that is a little different than everyone else.

The same reason why an artists can see forms and shapes in an empty canvas, so can physicists see the patterns of the universe. It may surprise to know that many scientists have artistic endeavors on the side. I know many that spend their weekends sculpting ceramics or putting paint to canvas. Some prefer to indulge in music and others use a blow torch and metal.

Math may be a pure science filled with absolutes, but it’s also a unique way for scientists to make use of their special gifts. Many may consider the pages long equations created by scientists as a form of art.