Can Learning Math Be Fun?

Can Learning Math Be Fun?


When I was in school, math was always my most difficult subject. It was always my lowest score on my standardized 

tests and worst grades. Many people thought I was crazy when I studied physics in college, but science was always my passion.

I trudged through my Calculus and differential equations classes, trying to stay awake as my professor took an entire class explaining a single mathematical proof. I didn't think anything could make math interesting. The textbooks were filled with endless math problems, but nothing to make it interesting. Even in grade school, addition and subtraction were all concepts that were simply put to us.

How can we expect out children to develop a love of math if we put it to them in such a way that makes is impossible to enjoy. I don't know any child that enjoys being bored. Luckily, the days of boring are over thanks to books developed especially to make math fun. Children will look forward to learning math instead of dreading it.

If you child is having trouble with math, then try books like “The Grapes of Math” and “Math Doesn't Suck” by Danica McKellar. Books like this are made to show children that math isn't just a way to balance your checkbook or find out exactly how long it takes for a train to make it do Denver.

Math can be magical and when you get that moment where it all finally makes sense, you're on cloud nine. I know. Don't let your children grow up dreading math.