How Are You Celebrating Mathematics Awareness Month?

How Are You Celebrating Mathematics Awareness Month?

It's still about a month away, but now is the time to start planning events and activities around National Mathematics Awareness Month. April is the official month were schools, groups and universities across the national bring the discipline into focus.

It was originally started in 1986 by President Ronald Reagan and included a collaboration between such groups as American Mathematical Society, American Statistical Association, Mathematical Association of America and Society of Industrial Applied Mathematics.

Wow, can you imagine the wild and crazy parties these guys would throw. I bet the month comes to a crescendo with a rousing chess tournament followed by all-you-can-eat bran muffins. The goal is to support and bring notice to the field of mathematics and how it is used in society. It's not just for the high level math learned by professional, but the everyday math that people use to balance their checkbooks.

This month's theme is Mathematics, Statistics and the Data Deluge and will focus on how math and statistics are used to create and store massive amounts of data for everything from consumer trends to the stock market. Almost every survey and poll taken requires mathematics and statistics to be understood and how manipulating these statistics can lead to the swaying of data one way or the other.

Mathematics is part of our lives and most of the time, we don't even know we are doing it. Take the time to appreciate the field of mathematics this April and celebrate Mathematics Awareness Month.