A Love Of Math

A Love Of Math


When I was a kid in school, the thing I hated more than anything else was math. The idea of spending an hour a day 

going over algebra and trigonometry made me nauseous. It was a complete waste of time because when was I going to use it?

My parents never had more than high school educations. Other than the occasional adding and subtracting for bills, they never used any other type of math, and I didn't figure I would either. It wasn't until I hit high school and began getting interested in science that I truly saw the beauty of math. Everything in the world could be put into mathematical terms from the percentage of rain in the morning to the way the planets revolved around the sun.

I started using trigonometry to find out how fast an object goes down a hill. Algebra move into calculus, then calculus moved into differential equations, and so on and so forth. The more math I learned, the more I realized exactly how ordered the universe really was. You can talk about entropy all you want, but the chaos theory proves that you can at least predict seemingly random events.

I ended up abandoning my science career in lieu of being a writer, but I never lost my love and respect for math. I may not spend my days and nights writing out derivatives and integrals, but that doesn't mean I don't see how math remains around us at all times, from the processor in my computer to converting Celsius to Fahrenheit.