Math and NCLB

Math and NCLB

States across the nation are trying to avoid losing out on No Child Left Behind by applying for waivers from the federal government. NCLB requires that schools have a certain percentage of the students meeting or exceeding certain levels.


The brain child of the Bush era, NCLB increased percentages of students needing to meet certain criteria each year. In 2014, the requirement would have required 100 percent of children to meet or exceed standards. Recently, hundreds of schools were unable to meet the unrealistic standards in reading and math.


This forced many to spend money on useless studies and even pay for students to go to other schools if the parents requested. In a desperate attempt at trying not to fall behind even further, states have begun asking for a waiver from the Obama administration. So far, 10 states received the waiver with 28 more waiting in the wings.


Once again, Obama is forced to clean up after Bush's mess. NCLB was meant to be a way to make schools accountable, but instead forced many districts to teach to a test. There is no way humanly possible that 100 percent of children will meet federal requirements in math and reading. Soon, every state will have a waiver because no one will be able to meet the requirements set forth by a misguided administration.


While all this is going on, the ones who suffer the most are the children caught in the middle. They are the ones that are not getting a fair shake at a good education.