Math and Taxes

Math and Taxes

I have never been happier to know the ins and out of math, then during tax time. While most people have their taxes done by professionals, I choose to do it myself. It's not like I get much of a refund anyway.

As a self employed contract worker, I don't have the luxury of the 1040 EZ or having taxes automatically deducted every paycheck. I have to estimate my taxes and send it to the IRS occasionally and hope when the year ends that I have sent enough that I don't end up owing a ton.

This is where my love of math comes in. If anyone has ever had the luxury of filling out their own taxes, they realize that it's about as straight forward as a J.J. Abram's television series. You jump from line to line, adding here and subtracting there. You fill in one line, skip down to another multiply it by the age of your mother's cousin and voila, you're done.

Doing your own taxes is like trying to figure out a word problem in high school. You know the ones about one train going one way, another going another way and both of them traveling at different speeds, so figure which one runs on diesel kind of problem. So far, my math hasn't failed me and I have not had to owe anything, but I know that can at any moment.

When I am done and send it in, I am confident that I did everything I could using the math I have learned.