Math May Predict Future Crime Spots

Math May Predict Future Crime Spots

In Minority Report, physics were used to predict crimes that haven't happened yet and were called future crimes. It used a complex computer and the psychic abilities to find out where and when the crime will take place before it actually happens.


Police are starting to use math and not psychics to do the same thing. Areas of criminal increase may become a criminal hotspot in the future and they are using mathematical calculations to decide if that is likely to occur. For example, if there is an area where crime is slowly, but steadily increasing, then that could mean that a higher police presence may curb that increase from happening.


Also, if there is a sudden and dramatic increase in crime, then a police presence can suppress the uprising. Police are tracking the criminal traffic by area and then extrapolating using mathematics the progression over time.


The mathematical equations take into account everything from past criminal activity, population, and many other variable to develop scenarios of possibility. They can then decide the proper course of action ahead of time to stop these scenarios from happening. While it may not exactly be future crime, it's a good step in helping prevent crime from happening and developing.


This is a unique take on mathematical postulation and modeling. While people are used to seeing math used in the business world, few people would consider its used in law enforcement. This is the kind of thing that starts out small and can become a worldwide phenomenon.